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florida.HIGH.TECH 2017

The region’s most in-depth guide to the high tech community with features on university research, impact from entrepreneurial activity, and the ongoing feature, Faces of Technology.

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Inside Florida’s High Tech Corridor

The Florida High Tech Corridor Council’s monthly eNewsletter that provides updates on happenings around the 23-county region. Read Publication

Featured Florida High Tech Corridor Council Video

Hear from Randy Berridge, president of the Florida High Tech Corridor Council, as he discusses how innovation is contributing to economic development throughout the 23-county Corridor within Central Florida. This video appears courtesy of WUCF, a partnership with the University of Central Florida and Brevard Community College. www.wucftv.org

Randy Berridge on Metro Center Outlook from Florida High Tech Corridor on Vimeo.

The Corridor Annual Report

The year-end wrap up of the initiatives and programs of the Florida High Tech Corridor Council including financial breakdowns of the Matching Grants Research Program.

Statewide Economic Impact Studies of Florida’s Target Industries Volume 1: Modeling, Simulation & Training

An updated study on Florida’s Modeling, Simulation & Training industry showing growth over seven years to sustain 73,802 total jobs. View the Full Study

2014 Central Florida Talent Gap Analysis

The availability of a skilled workforce is widely recognized as one of the most critical factors in economic development. Expansion and relocation decisions hinge on the ability to hire workers with the skills and experience companies demand. The Talent Gap Analysis study was undertaken through a partnership with CareerSource Central Florida, Brevard, and Flagler Volusia and the Florida High Tech Corridor Council to align the skills needed by area business with Floridians seeking employment.  View the Full Study

2013 UCF Incubator Economic Impact Study

Covering a nearly two-year period from 2011-2013, this study of the University of Central Florida’s Business Incubation Program demonstrates an ROI of $6.16 for every public dollar invested. View the Full Study

To Attract, Retain and Grow: The History of the Florida High Tech Corridor Council

This scientific study, conducted by the University of Central Florida’s history department, looks at the factors that contributed to the growth of the innovative technology clusters of Florida’s High Tech Corridor. View the Full Study

UCF Incubator Economic Impact Study

An updated study of the University of Central Florida’s Business Incubation Program conducted in 2011 showing an annual economic output of $360 million. View the Full Study

Economic Impact of the Matching Grants Research Program

Released in 2010, this report details the economic impact estimates of 10 years’ outcomes from the Florida High Tech Corridor Council’s investments into its Matching Grant Research Program. View the Full Study

Florida’s Innovation Benchmark Study

A thorough analysis of the region’s economic competitiveness among other states and regions focused on the tenets of an ‘Innovation Economy.’
Executive Overview
Full Report

Media Contacts:

If you are seeking information about The Corridor or the initiatives of the Council, please contact:

Vianka McConville
Curley & Pynn Public Relations
(407) 423-8006

We would be happy to put you in contact with industry experts who can speak to a variety of technology topics in their area of expertise. For a preview of the leaders who can share their experience in growing tech-based businesses in the Corridor, explore the videos of our Faces of Technology.