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The Corridor Talent Forum

The Corridor Talent Forum helps recruit top talent from around the nation to support the growth of high-tech industry and innovation in the Florida High Tech Corridor, a 23-county region spanning the state.

Wednesday, Mar. 27 – Friday, Mar. 29

Orlando, FL

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Digital Orlando

Digital Orlando 2019 explores how emerging technology shapes our culture, companies, and community. Featured industries include defense, cybersecurity, MS&T, FinTech, robotics, transportation and more.

Wednesday, April 10

Orlando, FL

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Coordinate Metrology Society Conference

Organized by the Coordinate Metrology Society, the 35th annual CMSC Conference will explore the role of metrology — the science of measurement — within manufacturing industries such as aerospace, space hardware, automotive, power generation and more.

Monday, July 22 – Friday, July 27

Orlando, FL

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