High Tech Industry

The high tech companies, research institutions and industry organizations within Florida's High Tech Corridor collectively build diverse clusters of innovation:

– the 10 high tech sectors targeted for growth


High tech agricultural techniques provide Florida’s nearly 47,000 commercial farmers with advanced, efficient and safe methods for producing a major supply of our country’s crops.

Aviation and Aerospace

The Corridor isn’t home to the Space Coast for nothing. Anchored by the presence of NASA, the region boasts a multitude of private-sector companies dedicated to commercial and military aviation.

Digital Media/Interactive Entertainment

Thanks to the popularity of digital entertainment, the rise of the creative class has found stomping grounds in the Florida High Tech Corridor’s interactive entertainment academies and renowned gaming companies.

Financial Services

Online banking and electronic trading demand a high tech infrastructure for secure financial transactions. The financial services sector in Florida’s High Tech Corridor represents a lucrative opportunity for growth.

Information Technology

The bits and bytes of today’s high tech computers and servers connect every industry in the Corridor. The region’s IT companies now focus on safeguarding the world’s new precious commodity:  data.

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Life Sciences/Medical Technologies

New discoveries from the Corridor’s many research institutions and private companies are changing the face of health care. Vaccines, treatments and therapies are working their way from the region’s labs to patients’ bedsides.


Faster. Better. Smaller. Corridor-based companies are engineering next-generation electronics and nanoparticles with broad applications in computing, energy and even medicine.

Modeling, Simulation and Training

MS&T utilizes high tech tools for training combat soldiers, assessing medical practitioners, and simulating computer programs and models for how they would perform in real world scenarios.

Optics and Photonics

Lasers and high tech optical crystals have practical applications in almost every field; laser scanning devices are the interface between user and computer.

Sustainable Energy

Innovations in solar power are flooding the Sunshine State, along with energy into the power grid and other portable devices.

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