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Sustainable Energy

As the need increases for cleaner, more efficient energy sources, Florida’s high tech industry has evolved to provide sustainable solutions. The three Corridor universities foster the expansion of this field in partnership with companies that are developing sustainable energy applications from algae ethanol and fuel cells to solar power and smart grids.

Ryan Martin
“Florida is a state with an abundance of resources including biorenewable feedstocks, a vibrant and growing biotechnology industry, and innovative minds. I see Florida Sustainables becoming the premier company to utilize and seamlessly bring together these valuable resources to create sustainable, economical, responsible materials. When people over the world think of green plastics, I want them to think of the state of Florida and Florida Sustainables.”

Ryan T. Martin, Ph.D., CEO
Florida Sustainables

The Corridor universities all offer degree programs that are shaping the next generation of the sustainable energy workforce in addition to the research centers instituted to support the “cleantech” movement. Faculty and research students at the University of Florida’s Institute for Sustainable Energy develop energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable technologies and practices, educate the public and review policy on energy matters. In collaboration with the College of Engineering, the Smart Grid Power Systems Laboratory at the University of South Florida provides students research opportunities alongside utility companies, transmission organizations, manufacturers and R&D institutes. The Florida Solar Energy Center, a research institute of the University of Central Florida, conducts research and tests of solar energy systems, and provides educational programs for the residential community. The Center boasts more than 40 patents that have led to advancements in sustainable energy technologies.

Sustainable Energy at a Glance

  • Florida Solar Energy Center boasts 40+ patents
  • Industry leaders Siemens Power Generation and Mitsubishi Power Systems, and more are here

Standing alongside worldwide industry leaders such as Siemens Power Generation Inc., and Mitsubishi Power Systems are a number of companies scattered around the Corridor that are making tremendous strides in the quest for sustainable energy options. Dais Analytic, nSolGel, AML Energy and many others are developing innovations such as an energy recovery ventilator that can lower heating, cooling and ventilation costs by as much as 30 percent while improving indoor air quality, a building material that uses post-industrial waste products and is less energy intensive to produce than concrete and offshore wind turbines that use superconducting generators to increase power output. Together the organizations throughout the Florida High Tech Corridor are building a thriving hub for sustainable energy.

Sustainable Energy Organizations and Institutes