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Microelectronics / Nanotechnology

Florida is making strategic investments in the promising fields of microelectronics and nanotechnology through organizational, corporate and academic institutions striving to foster an environment for growth and advancement within the state, especially in Florida’s High Tech Corridor.

Brenda Prenitzer
“NanoSpective specializes in materials science with emphasis on nanoscale materials characterization. The company provides analytical services and consultation to a worldwide market offering complete solutions for intellectual property issues, failure analysis, quality control and materials research.”

Brenda Prenitzer, President and CEO

The breadth of microelectronics’ and nanotechnology’s reach is significant throughout the Corridor. The sector includes more than 240 companies employing more than 16,000 high tech workers, who are making advancements in fields including electronics, materials development, sustainability, health care and more.

Microelectronics / Nanotechnology at a Glance

  • 300+ companies in the Corridor
  • 10,000+ employees
  • SRI International, imec and more are here

Large corporations involved in the microelectronics and nanotechnology fields in Florida include Harris Corporation, Jabil Circuit, Mitsubishi Power Systems, Raytheon Co. and Siemens Energy Inc., among others, while the presence of the microelectronics workforce has attracted companies like Apple to establish hardware engineering operations here.

Florida’s universities are on the forefront of scientific breakthroughs for nanotechnology applications. The University of Central Florida’s NanoScience Technology Center and Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center, as well as the University of Florida’s Center for Nanostructured Materials, delve into the capabilities of tiny electronics for making smaller energy devices and tinier biomedical instruments. The Nanotechnology Research & Education Center at the University of South Florida facilitates multidisciplinary nano-related research projects throughout the university and with its on-campus partner, the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory for microelectromechanical systems, or MEMS.

Throughout the Corridor, research and commercialization is creating the next wave of advancements in nanotechnology and microelectronics, proving that good things really do come in small packages.

Microelectronics /
Nanotechnology Organizations
and Institutes

  • International Microelectronics and Packaging Society Florida
  • Particle Engineering Research Center
  • Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) Space Coast Chapter
  • UCF Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center (AMPAC)
  • UCF NanoScience Technology Center
  • University of Florida Center for Nanostructured Materials
  • University of South Florida Nanotechnology Research & Education Center