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Financial Services

As seen in the growth of online banking, mobile payments, electronic trading/brokering services and online insurance quotes, technology is transforming the way financial companies interact with their customers. The region’s supporting IT sector and its steady workforce graduating from some of the best business colleges has become a driving force in building the Corridor’s Financial Services industry.

Robert Irvine
“Fiserv was one of the early pioneers of person-to-person social payment solutions. We rolled out Popmoney® in 2010, and now there are more than 2,000 credit unions and banks using the service to allow their customers to transfer money electronically as easily as sending an email or text.”

Robert Irwine, Senior Vice President, Bank Solutions

Financial Services activity is especially strong in the Tampa Bay region of the Corridor. In Hillsborough County, financial services accounts for 7.4 percent of all employment, compared to the national average of 5.7 percent. The sector’s presence in the Corridor began in 1969 when MetLife selected Tampa as the first location outside of New York City for a regional service center. Soon after, other financial services giants such as Price Waterhouse, Citicorp, Chase Manhattan, Saloman Brothers and Raymond James Financial followed suit.

Financial Services at a Glance

  • Accounts for 7.4 percent of employment in Hillsborough County
  • Business programs at the Corridor’s universities drive continued growth

Graduate and bachelor’s programs within the business colleges of the three Corridor universities have consistently ranked among the top of public offerings, with private colleges in the region receiving national recognition for MBA and entrepreneurship programs.

Numerous companies in the Corridor are advancing the sector by digitizing financial exchanges through online systems and applications, while established groups such as the Florida Venture Forum are working to connect financial capital and investments to support the high tech innovation in the region.

Financial Services Organizations and Institutes