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Digital Media / Interactive Entertainment

As digital media/interactive entertainment continues to increase its influence, presence and popularity in today’s society, the Florida High Tech Corridor has emerged as a key region for the advancement of this growing industry thanks to its educational institutions, complementary industry clusters and powerhouse gaming companies that call the Corridor home.

AJ Jeromin
“I love that EA is constantly pushing everyone to ship the most realistic products they can and every year it just gets better and more realistic … sometimes you can’t even tell it’s a video game.”

A.J. Jeromin, Senior Technical Artist

Key to the Corridor’s digital media/interactive entertainment presence are Electronic Arts-Tiburon and the numerous animations studios that support the gaming and film/entertainment industries. Electronic Arts-Tiburon, a major studio for the world’s largest video game developer Electronic Arts, creates best sellers such as Madden NFL™ Football, while other Corridor companies develop animated content for entertainment giants like Disney and Universal.

Digital Media/Interactive Entertainment at a Glance

  • Electronic Arts creates Madden NFL™ Football and other top-selling games here
  • The Corridor is home to the No. 2 video game graduate school in North America

A number of mobile-focused gaming companies and digital media developers and analysts call the Corridor home. Gaming studios such as Phyken Media and n-Space have created or adapted fun games for play on mobile platforms.
The Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA), the University of Central Florida’s graduate video game design school, has trained the next generation of leaders in the video game industry since opening in 2005, and more than 120 companies have hired its graduates, including Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Disney and Google. FIEA has been recognized as the No. 2 video game graduate-level school in North America by The Princeton Review and PC Gamer magazine.

Full Sail University, ranked by The Princeton Review and PC Gamer magazine as the No. 18 best video game graduate school, is also well recognized in the Central Florida area as a top gaming school.

Shared research and technology breakthroughs in the Corridor’s digital media sector will lead the way for cross-application in other industries including entertainment, education and simulation.

Digital Media / Interactive Entertainment Organizations and Institutes