The Florida High Tech Corridor Council’s numerous entrepreneurial initiatives support small businesses and growing companies alike. Growing companies can apply for specific business help through GrowFL, a statewide initiative that provides just-in-time technical assistance for second-stage companies. Using tools like the Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center, visitors can find the resources they need to start, expand or relocate a business. Even the university and community-based incubators aim to nurture start-up companies to grow into stable enterprises that contribute to the local and regional economy.



The Virtual Entrepreneur Center Web portal is designed to be a one-stop shop library for entrepreneurs who are looking for business resources all in one place.

As an initiative of the Florida High Tech Corridor Council in partnership with local economic development organizations, the Virtual Entrepreneur Center offers a catalog of local, regional, state and global business resources organized by county, as well as a directory of businesses that offer services catering to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Whether starting a new business, looking to expand an existing business or considering relocating a business, entrepreneurs can easily find the latest business resources by logging on to www.flvec.com.



Cultivating growth companies is the mission of the Florida Economic Gardening Institute, funded by the Florida Legislature at the University of Central Florida and involving a host of partners including the Florida High Tech Corridor Council, committed to local delivery of statewide services to help second-stage companies achieve their potential.

At no charge, GrowFL will deploy a team of consultants to provide high-end, high-speed business tools to companies that have grown beyond the start-up phase and need access to strategic analysis and decision-making resources.

Working in partnership with experts from the Edward Lowe Foundation, GrowFL will apply lessons learned from the proven art of “economic gardening,” pioneered more than a decade ago in Colorado and now being applied nationwide to help second-stage companies grow.

To learn more, visit www.GrowFL.com.


The Florida High Tech Corridor Council supports all of the region’s business incubators in their mission to accelerate the growth of start-up companies and ventures through extensive mentoring and monitoring processes. A 2009 study of the economic impacts of the University of Central Florida’s Business Incubation Program found that in the incubator’s first 10 years, it facilitated the growth of at least 100 new high tech companies. As well, the companies typically comprise seven to 15 employees upon graduation, and earn between $1 million and $3 million in annual revenue.

To contact FHTCC partner incubators, visit the Region section.

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