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Tech Workforce Pipeline

Growing and Attracting a High Tech Workforce

The Corridor’s high tech legacy has attracted a skilled workforce since the days of the Space Race. Thanks to three of the nation’s leading research universities (the University of Central Florida, the University of South Florida and the University of Florida), the Corridor is also growing its own high tech talent pool of scientists, engineers and other innovative entrepreneurs to serve nearly 20,000 high tech companies throughout the 23 county region.

High Tech Employment in the Corridor

Sector Establishments Employment Average Employees
per Company
Average Salary
Aerospace 142 15,033 106 $84,513
Financial Services 9,858 103,430 11 $64,379
Information Technology 4,928 43,554 9 $79,008
Medical Technology 308 10,437 3 $53,927
Microelectronics 244 16,130 66 $69,968
Other (Media, R&D, Telecom) 4,358 53,019 12 $71,949
Photonics 98 2,168 22 $64,204
Total 19,936 243,772 12 $68,785

*2013 data from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

techPATH:  Cultivating Tomorrow’s Workforce

Recognizing the need for a high tech workforce of the future, the Florida High Tech Corridor Council established its educational initiative to reach middle and high school students: techPATH. Involving representatives from a variety of academic affiliations and high tech companies, techPATH is “cultivating tomorrow’s workforce” throughout the Corridor through a variety of innovative programs such as techCAMP and stemCONNECT.


Student and Professor in LabtechCAMPs are high tech workshops offered to middle and high school math, science, technology and career education teachers and their students, to provide information about the industrial sectors that make up the Corridor. The Florida High Tech Corridor Council has designed techCAMPs that focus on Optics & Photonics, IT, Microelectronics, Simulation, Robotics and Life Sciences.

To host a techCAMP program in your region, contact Vicki Morelli at
vicki.morelli@www.floridahightech.com or call (321) 303-9632. For more information, contact pressroom@www.floridahightech.com or click here.

stemCONNECT:  Connecting Students with STEM Experts

This new program from the Florida High Tech Corridor Council allows teachers to gain virtual access to guest speakers in different STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Using video conferencing tools, stemCONNECT helps middle and high school teachers bring STEM experts into their classroom to talk about exciting, real-world applications of the science lessons they are teaching and the different careers available in technology. The program has reached more than 2,600 students in two years.

For more information, visit www.flstemconnect.com.