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Tech Workforce Pipeline

Growing and Attracting a High Tech Workforce

The Corridor’s high tech legacy has attracted a skilled workforce since the days of the Space Race. Thanks to three of the nation’s leading research universities (the University of Central Florida, the University of South Florida and the University of Florida), the Corridor is also growing its own high tech talent pool of scientists, engineers and other innovative entrepreneurs to serve more than 20,000 high tech companies throughout the 23 county region.

High Tech Employment in the Corridor*

Sector Establishments Employment Average Employment
per Company
Average Salary
Aerospace 317 14,728 46.46 $86,093
Financial Services 10,082 94,802 9.4 $80,131
Information Technology 5,338 46,326 8.68 $89,915
Medical Technology 691 13,123 18.99 $61,001
Microelectronics 271 14,301 52.77 $71,911
Other (Engineering,
Media, Research,
4,085 52,828 12.93 $73,646
Photonics 179 1,924 10.75 $71,482
Total 20,963 238,032 11.35 $79,346
*Q1 2016 data as presented in The Corridor’s annual report.  See more sector statistics.

stemCONNECT:  Cultivating Tomorrow’s Workforce

Recognizing the need for a high tech workforce of the future, the Florida High Tech Corridor Council established an educational initiative to reach middle and high school students. Involving representatives from academia and private industry, stemCONNECT is “cultivating tomorrow’s workforce” throughout the region with innovative in-person and online program offerings.  Read more.