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Research Grants

From the outset, the Florida High Tech Corridor Council’s primary focus has been to foster applied research between Corridor universities and their high tech industry partners. Every year, dozens of companies across the 23-county Corridor participate in the Matching Grants Research Program to leverage their R&D budgets with academic partnerships to develop commercially applicable emerging technologies.

Antoine Khoury
“When we needed matching funds for an SBIR project with the Air Force, FHTCC came to our rescue. We owe the establishment of our company to the Matching Grants Research Program for getting us our first contract.”

Antoine Khoury, CEO, ApECOR
Matching Grants Research Program
Industry Partner

Since the inception of the program in 1996, the Corridor Council has partnered with more than 360 companies on more than 1,400 research projects in industries ranging from Aerospace to Sustainable Energy.

The more than $80 million in funds that have been invested by the Council have been matched by $182 million in corporate cash and in-kind investments that have generated an additional $900 million in quantifiable downstream impacts, and a broader economic impact that has been projected to exceed $1 billion.

How to Participate

The Council’s Matching Grants Research Program is managed on the three university campuses by a committee of university researchers and Council partners. The committees review and approve proposals on a year-round basis. Each university’s committee establishes requirements for applications and industry match.

The Matching Grants Research Program is open to companies located inside the 23-county region. Interested industry partners should initiate contact through one of the designated university contacts listed below. Grants may be fashioned to involve researchers on a single campus or may, in fact, involve research specialists from two or all three of the Council universities.

Funds for the Matching Grants Research Program are designated for two programs:

  • The Open Call; and,
  • The SBIR/STTR program Phase II Industry External Investment Program. SBIR, or Small Business Innovation Research, is government funding targeted explicitly for small businesses for research of any type. STTR, or Small Business Technology Transfer Program, is also government funding, but to be eligible, a small business must team up with a federal lab or a university/college.

The Open Call requires that for every dollar of Corridor matching funds, a corporation provide up to $3, depending on its size and available funding. Award sizes typically range from $10,000 to $150,000.

For specific information about the Florida High Tech Corridor Council’s Matching Grants Research Program, contact the program director at any of the Corridor universities:

University of Central Florida Matching Grants Research Program


University of South Florida Matching Grants Research Program


University of Florida Matching Grants Research Program