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Stretching across 23 counties, the Florida High Tech Corridor is a technology rich region known as much for its legacy in aerospace as it is for its growing prominence in other high tech clusters of innovation such as Modeling and Simulation, Optics and Photonics, Digital Media and Medical Technologies.

As an entity that promotes the high tech growth of the region, the Florida High Tech Corridor Council is an economic development initiative of three of the country’s largest research institutions—the University of Central Florida, the University of South Florida and the University of Florida. The Council’s mission is to grow high tech industry and innovation through partnerships that support research, marketing, workforce and entrepreneurship.

The unique Council partnership has resulted in a strategic approach to high tech economic development that involves matching funds research, workforce development and a marketing program leveraging governmental, corporate and economic development organization budgets on a regional rather than local basis.

Throughout its 20-year history, the efforts of the Council have been internationally recognized and awarded for their part in stimulating economic growth. The Council manages a research funding initiative called the Matching Grants Research Program, which has invested more than $60 million to create a broader economic impact that has been projected to exceed $1.3 billion. As well, the Council cultivates a high tech workforce through programs aimed at inspiring young students to pursue math and science and another series of investments which helped establish nine technology degree and certificate programs with partner community and state colleges. In an effort to support entrepreneurs, the Council created the Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center to connect small-business leaders with the tools they need to start, grow or relocate their business.

More information on the activities of the Council can be found inside the pages of the 2015-2016 Annual Report.

For a full list of the business and industry leaders who make up the Council roster, visit our Council Members page.