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Three Innovators Honored as Florida High Tech Corridor’s 2018 “Faces of Technology”

Pioneering advancements in sustainable energy, life sciences and aviation, three high tech industry leaders have joined the Florida High Tech Corridor’s 2018 “Faces of Technology” lineup. These remarkable innovators are among 12 individuals featured in new stories added to The Corridor’s annual magazine, florida.HIGH.TECH 2018, and online at www.facesoftechnology.com, who embody the talent behind The Corridor’s burgeoning 23-county high tech region. The three new 2018 “Faces of Technology” are:

  1. SaLisa Berrien, Founder and CEO, COI Energy Services – Berrien’s company offers a customer-service focused cloud-based solution, the COI Energy Optimizer, which helps utilities optimize the electric grid.
  1. Marlo Walpole, Director of Translational Research, AuxThera – Walpole leverages her passion for biotechnology to develop products that help dogs live healthier lives.
  1. Reamonn Soto, Founder, Sensatek Propulsion Technology Inc. – Sensatek tackles aviation problems that save high tech companies millions of dollars and time.

“We are incredibly proud to recognize the work of SaLisa, Marlo and Reamonn, and to advance the region’s high tech industry,” said Ed Schons, president of The Corridor. “These brilliant minds serve as testaments to The Corridor’s potential to significantly impact research, discovery and business development in our 23-county region.” Launched in 2008, The Corridor’s “Faces of Technology” initiative has recognized the efforts of nearly 160 people who represent the more than 250,000 high tech scientists and technologists driving diverse clusters of innovation throughout the region.

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We would be happy to put you in contact with industry experts who can speak to a variety of technology topics in their area of expertise. For a preview of the leaders who can share their experience in growing tech-based businesses in the Corridor, explore the videos of our Faces of Technology.